If we want to have a successful business, we all know that first we need to do our research to figure out who are our ideal clients, find out what their pain points and what kind of solutions we can offer to solve their problem. Yes, we’ve all done. The practice to create our dream client avatar and guides us in many different aspects  in our business. From pricing, products or services, our communication tone and even the images in our online media.

So, you spent time considering things such as age group, income, family status, lifestyle and education. You know quite a bit about her or him, ..you think. But, don’t stop there, because there is another piece of the puzzle that contribute to your ideal client identification specially if you are a solopreneur. For solopreneur, it is important that you also analyzed your client’s personality and see if it is compatible with your personality or strength. Your personality can attract your clients.Many clients attracted to work with people who “clicks” and understand them. If you look at your current and past clients, you’ll begin to see patterns.

You can easily look back and see what made some clients a joy to work with, while others were a struggle. Think about what those differences are, and add them to your ideal client profile.Then compare any new potential clients to this ideal profile, and you’ll never again sign on with a less-than-perfect client.